News of week 47

Fake news – A growing issue for Facebook

After the US election earlier this month, Facebook was met with criticism for potentially influencing the election results due to poorly managing fake news issues on the platform. Despite not believing the claims, Mark Zuckerberg has finally announced the detailing of a plan on how the company will fight the fake news issue. Facebook is currently working on making it easier for users to flag fake news, but also announced that they are working on “better technical systems to detect what people will flag as false before they do it themselves,”.

Real time updates from Google

This week Google updated its ‘Popular Times’ feature that shows users how busy a location typically is at a certain time. The new update will, except the previous features, also include real time data that takes into account if any special events are happening in the area that day. The company is hoping that this will help increase the accuracy of the service.

Christmas gift of the year?

Once again the tech industry is dominating the annual ‘top christmas gift list’ in tech savvy Sweden. This year a VR-kit tops the list and the announcement is expected to further boost the interest and sales of the product. Swedish business media Di Digital lists 3 companies who they believe will benefit the most from the announcement: Oculus, HTC’s Vive, Samsung Gear and Google.

Instagram launches new live stream

This week instagram announced that they are launching a new feature that allows users to live stream videos from their phones. Similar to the popular app Periscope, the viewers will be able to interact with the broadcasters by commenting or double tapping the video to send hearts. But unlike Periscope, Snapchat’s Snapstory and Facebook Live, Instagram’s live videos will automatically be deleted once the live stream is ended and can thus only be viewed in real time.

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