Want to be a PR ninja? Apply for internship at Northern Link PR today!

Apply for internship at Northern Link PR today!

Our internship will help you become a real PR consultant that creates good communication. As an intern, you will work with varying tasks for a large number of clients from many different industries and business fields to gain a broad perspective of the PR field. Your daily tasks can include everything from writing a press release, dealing with tricky translations, searching for product images, photos and content for Social Media platforms, to compiling media lists and weekly reports for our customers. But the tasks will also include participating in sales and brainstorming meetings, as well as contacting journalists about new interesting customer stories and product releases. As an intern here at NLPR, you will really get an opportunity to work with all aspects of PR.

Right next to you, you’ll have four experienced colleagues, ready to assist and give you advice at any time. One of these will be your head supervisor to support you in your daily work. We care very much for our interns and want to make sure you get the most and best out of your time with us. Therefore, despite our small size, we have developed a detailed internship program, designed just for you as an intern.

Check out what our latest intern Sofia thinks of her internship at Northern Link PR here.

So who are you?

You are a responsible person that appreciates to decide by yourself when and how you want to work. In addition to this, you have good writing and speaking skills, in Swedish as well as English. You are energetic, eager to learn, curious about the outside world, and not afraid of bringing your own suggestions and ideas to the table. Perhaps you have recently completed an education in for example economics and marketing, PR/communication or social science?

In return, we can offer you a chance to work with exciting customers such as for example Airbnb, Panasonic, Innocent and Dell Boomi. Since we are a small PR agency, you will be highly involved in the daily customer work.

What is unique with Northern Link PR is that even though we are few, we are many. Our Swedish public relations agency is actually part of a larger Nordic public relations network, which also consists of one Danish, one Finnish and one Norwegian agency. This will allow you to work with PR, not just on a Swedish level, but also on a Nordic level.

After completing your internship program, you will have learned a lot about the everyday life at a communication agency, as well as having strengthened your CV with some valuable work experiences. You will also have learned many new PR terms, enhanced your writing skills and established new valuable contacts for the future. And who knows? Maybe you’ll stay with us. It has happened before, and can happen again….

Apply to our internship today!

If so, please send us your CV and a personal letter to job@nlpr.se

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