My internship at Northern Link PR

Northern Link PR - intern Sofia shares her experiences from her internship

Our Intern Sofia at Northern Link PR 2017

This spring I was pushed out from the high school bubble into the real world as a newly graduated automation technician. By then, I had for sure realized that my degree would help me get a job in a comfortable field of work, but also that it in no way could help me fulfill my dream of incorporating my writing talents at work. This dream became crystal clear as I discovered that writing is a key ingredient in the PR and communications field.

Thanks to unexpected events, good contacts, and great timing, I stumbled across Northern Link PR (NLPR) that was willing to offer me a position as an intern. My daily tasks include everything from making translations and market analysis to increasing responsibility for media relations. Despite the fact that I haven’t yet enrolled at any university, which usually opens up for an internship, Northern Link PR was keen to give me a chance. The decision to choose me landed in a genuine interest in PR and the fact that I’ve always loved writing for as long as I can remember,

I’m now working my third and last month at my NLPR internship, and every day I learn something new about the profession. When I write this, I’m home for a visit to Sandviken, two hours north of Stockholm. Being able to work wherever and whenever are two of the benefits that you will experience as a trainee at NLPR, something that I’ve really appreciated. At the same time, it’s also great to work at the office, together with my colleagues; not the least to cuddle with the agency dog, Stina.

It was not an option for me to invest in an extensive university education without having a good insight into what this profession ultimately was all about. I now know what the PR field has to offer and can for sure say that it is a path I want to continue exploring. This experience has given me a sense of security in myself, and as I’m going back to school, it will accompany me as a valuable reassurance, that PR is something for me.

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