About us

Northern Link PR was founded for companies with Nordic ambitions

Northern Link PR is a Swedish PR agency that consists of a team of consultants that will help you with any communications need. This includes managing media relations, establishing your digital channels, planning and executing events, handling your Nordic or Swedish company or product launch, or preparing and acting upon your crisis communications plan.

We are a part of a Nordic PR network that consists of four well-established agencies who serve the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish markets. The Swedish agency has the same name as the Nordic network – Northern Link PR. In Denmark we are represented by Morsing PR, in Norway by Iteo and in Finland by Kaiku Helsinki.

The Nordic offering is designed to make it easy for clients to roll out PR initiatives in any combination of the Nordic countries.

In total, the Northern Link PR Nordic network employs more than 60 consultants. We are all used to collaborating and optimizing PR initiatives across country borders and meet up regularly to get to know each other both professionally and personally. Several clients appreciate that our services include the option of having a single point of contact for their whole Nordic PR account. We offer this in order to minimize admin, maximize results and optimize the use of creative ideas. These clients get an experienced project manager who is based in the country of the clients’ choosing. They serve as a day-to-day contact and are also responsible for streamlining any PR activities at a Nordic level. In the same way, all admin, including reporting and invoicing, is minimized by consolidating it to one country. The partners in our network include:

Denmark – Morsing PR
Finland – Kaiku Helsinki
Norway – Iteo

Partners and collaborations

We see you both as our partner and our client. This means that we will work together to support your business goals and help you drive sales, raise awareness or increase brand retention. Tell us your ambitions, and we will achieve them with you.

When it comes to communicating the right way on the Swedish market, it is our job to make your job easier. We like to move quickly, meaning that we will work exactly when you need us to. We are transparent, and will always be honest with you about opportunities, as well as any challenges that we might foresee. Sometimes we may tell you something you don’t want to hear, and sometimes we might advise you to take a step back. In the end, it is all for the purpose of creating a successful communications program for you.

In short, we like to seize moments and to create relevant and timely PR for you!

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