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The PR Consultants at Northern Link PR Sweden

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Jan has over 15 years of industry experience and is the CEO of Northern Link PR Sweden as well as a hands-on PR consultant. Jan has been with Northern Link from the beginning, starting in January 2011, and has since then managed several of the agency's key clients. Jan is a strategist and media relations expert who also enjoys writing and social media. At Northern Link, Jan works with brands serving the energy, telecom, IT, lifestyle, consumer and travel markets, including brands like Facebook, Panasonic, Verizon, Arbor Networks, airberlin and SiteVision. Jan earned a Masters degree in Communication from Murray State University, USA, where he also played tennis for the University team.

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Henrik is an engaged and results driven consultant with several years of experience in the PR field. Henrik has previously worked in media and PR within the television sector (FilmNet Television, Canal+ and TV8), and at other PR-agencies. At Northern Link, Henrik works with clients such as Panasonic and CM-bolagen. Henrik has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Flagler College in Florida, where he studied and played tennis on a full scholarship. Henrik is still a great tennis player as well as a tennis teacher.

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Björn is a super creative consultant and an excellent storyteller. With great experience both in business and consumer-oriented brands, Björn works with clients from home sharing and car leasing to IT-services. He manages clients such as Airbnb, Verizon, Arval, and Basefarm. At the University of Stockholm, Björn earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and IT, whilst interning at Northern Link PR back in 2012.

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André is a driven and creative consultant, with a long background from clients from B2B as well as B2C. André is also a bestselling author of books on public governance, consumer patterns, and fast-moving consumer goods. André recently joined Northern Link and is working with e-commerce platform provider Wish.

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