We´re hiring!

We are hiring a new PR consultant! Northern Link PR Sweden is a Stockholm-based PR agency specializing in media relations, tech, and lifestyle – a flexible PR agency consisting of highly skilled and experienced communications consultants. Northern Link PR is now looking for a talented PR Consultant to join the … Read more

Media relations during a pandemic? “Respectfully, yes”

March 26th. As a PR and communications agency, a large part of our services include helping our customers achieving editorial visibility that accurately reflects the value that our clients provide. This work is somewhat different today compared to only a couple of months back, before the Corona outbreak.    Many of … Read more

An office without specific work hours?

Self-driving cars are soon entering the streets, as we visit the doctor through our phones and swipe right to find the love of our lives. Our time is defined by urban signs of technology and digital solutions. Despite the rapid pace of developments, the working schedule remains rather traditional. Most … Read more

My internship at Northern Link PR

This spring I was pushed out from the high school bubble into the real world as a newly graduated automation technician. By then, I had for sure realized that my degree would help me get a job in a comfortable field of work, but also that it in no way … Read more

Influencer marketing must develop in order to actually work in the future

Influencer marketing is the most promising, but at the same time the most underrated, part of digital marketing. Today, many companies use influencer marketing in a wrong way, with brief and short-term partnerships, that are often based on campaigns. But what is the best way to work with influencer marketing … Read more

Learn to communicate with millennials

I’ve just started working at Northern Link PR, being one of the millennials, I’m right now the youngest person at the agency, which I don’t mind. I learn a lot from my colleagues and also hope that they can learn something from me. I’m included in the generation millennials – a generation … Read more

Join the team as our new PR Account Manager

Northern Link PR is looking for a talented PR Account Manager to join the team. The right person will be offered to work with PR and communications for some of the world’s most promising brands and also play an important role in working with us to grow the company further. For … Read more

PR Internship at Northern Link PR

PR Internship Northern Link PR is looking for an intern to join our creative team this fall. We want you to be a part of our daily PR and communication work and as an intern, you will be working with everything from press releases and market research to taking part … Read more

News of week 47

Fake news – A growing issue for Facebook After the US election earlier this month, Facebook was met with criticism for potentially influencing the election results due to poorly managing fake news issues on the platform. Despite not believing the claims, Mark Zuckerberg has finally announced the detailing of a … Read more

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